Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dual in the dirt/ busted motor mounts/ REVSHIFT for the save.


This event is a Ohio Valley Region event only.

The event is set up in a circle and turns all through it. One guy starts on one end of the circle and the other on the other side. Once you go, both guys run the same direction and the first person to cross the line they started at. 

This event was a blast. we had a lot of fun but my bimmer took some damage. 

- busted motor mounts
- damaged radiator fan
- blown power steering line


           I had to use a ratchet strap to hold the engine in place when the motor mounts failed. this did not stop us from running the last few runs. 
           we ran it with busted motor mounts and and the ratchet strap holding the engine in place. ONLY RALLY!!!
when my motor mounts failed it fell into the fan and cut into it destroying it. We were able to get it working again but you can see its definitely rigged to work. Electrical tap and zip ties fix everything.  

 I picked up a very nice set of Revshift motor mounts from 

These are some great motor mounts very solid i would highly recommend these motor mounts. 

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