Friday, May 1, 2015


NEXT Rallycross race May 9th 2015@ Greenfield, Ohio for Western Ohio Region Rallycross 

I have got a few sponsors and will be announcing them after the May 9th race. 

Im very blessed to have sponsors believe in me, and what i do. If you want some discounts on some businesses follow and i will be announcing some discounts only through FH Motorsports.


The 2015 season for Ohio Valley Region has started!!!!!


It was one of those days if your car is solid and does not brake down you may win.

Pete was beating me in his rx7 by 2 seconds every round, but he snapped an axle 3 runs until the end, which put me in first place.

Im not sure i will be able to keep getting first place Evan in his mazda miata will be back after a blown engine/ wreck. So the competition is going to be a lot harder. 

A little boys dream, owning their favorite Hot Wheels car.

As a kid you always want to own your favorite Hot Wheels car.

I finally do. 

Well almost i wanted an M3 but with budget racing comes budget car so BMW 325is is the closest for now. 

I decided to strap my favorite Hot Wheels in my bmw to ride along. 

Weight reduction almost complete.

I have been removing alot out of this car their is not much more to remove. other than a few things here and there. the sun roof is a project i hope to be able to take out soon. With scca rules we must have the sunroof covered so i have to figure out how i want to cover it, metal, plexiglass etc.

Just wiring alone that was removed it all filled a complete flex trash bag to the point it was no longer flexing.

These e36s were originally just over 4000 lbs and to be competitive with miata, rx7, e30, i have to get rid of 1500 lbs or more. i still have a lot more weight reduction to go.