Monday, April 28, 2014

The First Rallycross

The First Rallycross 

We Finished the head and put everything back together. It looked good and we were excited and nervous, being our first time and never being to a race before.

Here you can see the car is all cleaned up and ready to go.

Jamie's dad let us use his truck and a friend of ours let us use is trailer to take it.
if you do not have a trailer, no problem find someone that does. 

Once we get there we were like little kids at a candy store looking at all the cars and feeling out of our league
everyone was very friendly and excepted us right away.
We all began to talk to everyone about our ride and adventure of getting it ready just in time. 
Turns out we were not the only ones  waiting till the last min. to get things ready.

We did not register or anything before coming out we just showed up hoping for the best.
they had a booth set up and we signed some papers paid 50 bucks each and we were off. 
all we needed was a car and a snell approved helmet. 
If you did not have a helmet the had loaner helmets there.

As soon as we got there we set up and we had an extra set of brake pads and rotors we had to quickly throw on the car before starting." like i said waiting till the last min.
Luckily we did change them when pounding on the rotors the one actually split in half they were so wore out.

Here we are lined up ready to go.

This is Lacey Cessna My wife and I she was able to ride along with me for the ride of our lifetimes. 

This is Jamie and his girlfriend Megan ready to go as well. 

We are next

and we are off!

We ended up blowing a hose off the radiator we were able to get it fixed quickly.
but only a couple runs later the radiator broke and water was sucked into the engine.

It did end up killing the car and blew the headgasket again. 

We are not done. we are in search for another car right now and will be back out there

even though we did not finish. you still get scored

we were running such good times with this car we ended up getting-
Jamie Lambert 2ed place
Mike Cessna 3rd place 
in the stock rear wheel drive class. 

It was a blast thank you ohio valley region scca

Thank you to our 
FH Auto Repair

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fixing the head gasket on 1998 bmw 328i

Fixing the Head Gasket on our BMW

We started working on the head gasket on the BMW

As you can see we are no pros at this. So anyone can really do this.
you do not need a fancy garage or facey tools.
 If you dream to do something, stop dreaming and take action.

after cleaning the head we found this.

Those 2 little cracks renders this head useless.
Luckly we found a blown engine in a local
junk yard it only cost us $80.00 which was a steal
for these heads.

We are in the process of putting everything back together now.
a little at a time. our dead line of april 29th is coming fast.

Parts we just ordered and on the way.

Thank you to our 
FH Auto Repair

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