Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New To Rally Cross

New To Rally Cross!
If you are like me you have been watching video on rally racing Like This  and it looks amazing and want to try it. I was watching a video on how to start rally racing. Video Here They said the best place to start is to do rally cross racing then go from there.

I am starting from scratch and want to help others in the same direction.

I recently purchased a 1998 BMW 328i  5 speed it  has a blown head gasket and  i will be replacing it and getting ready for this years rally cross in central Ohio. The First race is set for Saturday April 29, 2014

I just Google "central ohio rally cross" and came across This Website and has local races and rules and regulations.

simply search your area to find races near you.

Follow me if you are interested in learning how to rally cross.

I will continue posting the progress on the car, and my experience of going to my first rally cross race.