Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fixing the head gasket on 1998 bmw 328i

Fixing the Head Gasket on our BMW

We started working on the head gasket on the BMW

As you can see we are no pros at this. So anyone can really do this.
you do not need a fancy garage or facey tools.
 If you dream to do something, stop dreaming and take action.

after cleaning the head we found this.

Those 2 little cracks renders this head useless.
Luckly we found a blown engine in a local
junk yard it only cost us $80.00 which was a steal
for these heads.

We are in the process of putting everything back together now.
a little at a time. our dead line of april 29th is coming fast.

Parts we just ordered and on the way.

Thank you to our 
FH Auto Repair

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