Saturday, July 12, 2014

First event with new e36 bmw

First event with new e36 bmw

This time i brought my brother along for the ride. Trying to get him hooked on rallycross. 
I did not get very many pictures of this event. 

We ran great the first few runs but kept hearing a knocking noise. 
We thought it was the rear suspension at first
but quickly noticed that the gear shifter had play and was bouncing all over the place. 
we finished the last round  of the morning runs and had 45 min before starting the second round runs. 

We noticed that the carrier bearing bushing was completely shot and broken. We both got on our phones and started calling all the local parts stores no one had it in stock. 

I was not going to give up right there so we put our thinking caps on and with spare junk in my van we took an exhaust clamp and som angle iron cut it in half with a grinder and drilled holes for the exhaust clamp to fit properly and got it to work right as everyone was lining up for the next round. 

We had no time to test it out to see if it would actually work. The first test was actually on the course. 
Amazingly it worked. 

This is a picture of our fix the new carrier bearing and the broken old one. 

Later that afternoon though it began to ran and the course got very wet and muddy, so muddy out street tires we were running would not do the trick and we got stuck. some others got stuck as well. It was just a mess, but AWESOME SIDEWAYS FUN.
even with us limping on a broken carrier bearing we placed 3rd and 4th place. 

Here are a few of the pictures we got that day. 

This is me next to the muddy mess of a car after it rained. 

 This is my brother Rick Cessna strapped in the Rally car. 

 Rick and i next to the Rallycar

 Towing it home we need a better trailer. 


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